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May and June are very busy months for me, so unlike most months, I have a good idea of when I’ll be away from the office. I feel like I spend equal time in and out of the office sometimes, which I don’t like.

We have a fundraiser this weekend and a big youth event next weekend. One thing I needed was new dodgeballs, because the ones we had were old and ratty before I came, but it hasn’t been a priority. The time has come to replace them, though, so I planned to go today. I was minutes from leaving when things changed.

Joyce came to my office with a man from Celebrate Recovery. He wanted to have a serious discussion with one of the pastors, and I was the only one there. I am probably third in line for this kind of thing, unless it’s a student or parent. But there I was, the only one available. I was nervous, because his problems weren’t going to be within my normal field. I was also unhappy that my plans were changing, because I had the rest of my week planned out.

We talked for nearly two hours. Actually, he talked for about 100 minutes of it. He had a story, and he needed someone to hear him. So I listened. One thing that bothered me was when he looked me in the eye and told me in all sincerity that he was going to go to Hell, and nothing would change that. He had seen, done, and knew too much to be forgiven.

It’s a good thing God’s schedule superseded my schedule yesterday, because my new friend knows now that he’s going to Heaven. We looked at some verses in the Bible and talked about what they meant for him. I asked if he believed, and he did. He wanted to pray. So we did. I’ll see him again next week. This time will be different. It will be better. I’ll see him Tuesday, unless if course, God’s schedule changes mine again.


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  1. Nice story man! Cool.

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