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Model Behavior

Jakob is starting to act like me.  I know that scares many of you.  I think it frightens his mom a little.  He likes to copy things that I am doing, both while I am doing them and later when he remembers.  Sarah had caught him taking my watch and putting it on his arm and walking around with it.  That doesn’t happen anymore, because he ended up breaking it, but hey, it was cute.  Earlier this week, he saw me wearing a necklace made by the one and only Tim Johnson of the Comstock Johnsons, and he started pulling at it.  I took it off, and he tried putting it over his head.  I helped.  After he put it on, he started running around and acting generally silly.  He was acting like me.

I haven’t taken the time to teach Jakob to mimic all of my actions.  I probably wouldn’t want to teach him to do that.  I don’t sit down and show him my hats and tell him to put them on.  He does these things on his own, because he has seen me do them a number of times.  He walks like me.  He “talks” like me (which means he’s loud).  He’s my son, and he’s a picture of me.

What does that mean for me and my behavior?  What should it mean?  Well, I want to be like Christ, but I notice that I take it more seriously now.  I want him to see me being like Him.  I read my Bible at home.  I am more conscious of what I watch on TV.  I am careful of what I say in front of him.  When he acts like me, I want him to be acting like Jesus.

Who looks up to you?  Who follows you?   Your children, your friends, your classmates, your co-workers?  If they were to spend an average day living like you, would they be spending a day living like Jesus?  Anything but an absolute YES! should drive us to reconsider how we do things.


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