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I had an idea last year that couldn’t work until this year: I will not take Sarah out for Mother’s Day.  I would give her a gift, of course, but Jakob would take her out and give her his own gift on Mother’s Day.  This year, he took her out to breakfast on Sunday morning while I was at church for the first service.

We were walking through Sears together when Jakob noticed these Mickey Mouse earrings.  He kept pointing at them and saying, “Me Maw,” which is how he says Mickey Mouse.  We were out Mother’s Day shopping, so I went with these.  I put them in his diaper bag on Sunday morning, and Sarah got to open her gift while out with him.

My present will come later.  I’m taking her to see Jonny Lang and Buddy Guy in June.  So, despite some facebook reports, Subway at Wal-Mart isn’t the extent of my treating Sarah for Mother’s Day.  We just went there before we went to the zoo.


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