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I like to read, but sometimes my schedule does not cooperate.  Yet I feel obligated to read, because I want to learn, and because Waterbrook Multnomah gives me books for free to read, so long as I will write a review of them.  Last month was particularly busy for me, so I chose a children’s book to read.  It’s called, “God Gave us Two,” by Lisa Tawn Bergren.

“God Gave us Two,” is a great book to read to your only child if you are expecting a second.  I understand there could be questions about adequacy and love from your only child if you decide to have a second child, and this book directly and lovingly addresses them.

The artwork is nice and simple, in line with the style of many of the books we read to Jakob.  It was bright and vibrant, and the reading was quick.  I should have tried reading it to my son, but God isn’t giving us two at this point, so I read it alone.

I recommend it.  I plan to give my copy to a family member who is expecting a second child soon.  I think they’ll enjoy it.


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