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pray deliberately

We continued talking about being a deliberate Christian on Sunday night.  The first step was reading the Bible, because let’s face it, making prayer the first step just doesn’t make sense.  If we’re not reading and listening, then we’re just talking at God, and why should that be number one? So prayer is step two.

Just like last week, I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to convince the students that we should be praying.  I used two verses to establish an already understood point, then I tried to help with how to get it done.  The first thing I told them is that it’s important to set a time to pray.  In Psalm 5:3, David commits to talking to God in the morning.  Maybe the morning doesn’t work for you, but there is a time that does, and you should commit to it.  Set an appointment with God.

The second helpful hint I gave them was to establish a prayer list.  I’m just a little ADD.  By the time I finish this post, I will have worked on it four or five times, and it’s not that long.  So how am I going to make it through all of my prayer requests without having something to follow?  I’m not.  I get distracted, my mind drifts to anything else, and next thing I know, my prayer time has gone.  So I make a list.  I have three lists in fact: my personal journal, where family, church, and close friends are written down.  I have my Rebel Youth facebook page, where I pray over the friends list.  I also have a list on my phone, for when I’m out and about, and someone asks me to pray for something.  I never remember otherwise.

Make a time.  Make a list.  Be deliberate.  What do you do to make sure you spend time talking to God?


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