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Giants in the Land

When the Israelites came to the Promise Land the first time, they ultimately decided not to take it.  Why?  They were afraid, because there were giants in the land. So they left and wandered 40 years in the wilderness, where they lost their lives.  They died for nothing. Had they followed God in faith, they would have taken the land, but their fear cost them the very thing they were afraid of losing.

Forty years later, a new group of leaders (with a couple of faithful carryovers) returned and had the same opportunity: take the land or die in the wilderness.  They chose to seize the land, with God delivering victory for them.  Here’s a question that I don’t think is asked often enough: when the Israelites returned forty years later, where were the giants?  Had they moved out of the Promise Land?  No, they were still there.  In order to receive God’s full promise, they were going to have to face some giants.

We don’t encounter giants much today, at least not physical giants.  And if we do encounter a physical giant, he probably plays basketball for millions of dollars, as opposed to dawning armor and threatening our existence in battle.  Life’s different now, but we still face giants.

Following God and inheriting His promises and blessings doesn’t mean taking the easy road. Sometimes you will face giants in many forms: terrible bosses/co-workers, financial hardships, character attacks, illnesses, etc.  There will be hardships.  We know this going into it.  Mark 8:34 (our memory verse for this month in KCC Kids) says, “Whoever wants to be my disciples must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”

Would you deny yourself the comfort of avoiding giants in exchange for receiving what God has for you?



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