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what I no longer want to be

micoach screen shot, describing my completed workout and how I felt about it: I hated its guts.

I have a knack for surprising people with a special talent: I’m fast.  But there are a lot of fast people, and certainly most people are faster than me.  So what’s the big surprise?  I’m really fast…for a fat guy.  Some have said that I’m deceptively fast.  I just don’t look like I’d be quick, which is probably a better word for it.  My quick bursts do not last long enough to make me a fast mile runner, because until last week, I hadn’t run a mile in over 5 years, partly because I wouldn’t want to, and partly because I couldn’t.

I used to brag about being a really fast fat guy.  It didn’t bother me much.  I wasn’t happy overall with my physique, but hey, at least Sarah still loved me, and at least I was still fast.  But I don’t much feel like bragging about it anymore.  I’ve grown tired of the instant joke material it creates.  I do not like putting a shirt on in the morning and hoping it still fits.  Sucking in to do up my pants doesn’t much appeal to me, either.

I don’t want to be fast for a fat guy anymore.  I want to be viewed as kind of slow for being in such good shape.  So I’ve been working hard.  Thanks to the encouragement of Sarah and other friends – not to start, but to be successful – I’ve got my act mostly together.  I’m no where near where I want to be, but I’m moving in that direction steadily.

I’ve cut out pop.  I’ve begun counting and tracking my calories on the myfitnesspal app for my phone.  I track my workouts.  I go to the gym two or three times a week, and I’m committed to running and walking at least 2 miles (combined) one other day.  I track my progress on my runs using the micoach app.  And I didn’t start last week.  I’ve held off on mentioning it until it became a solid part of my routine.  Anyone can diet and exercise for two or three weeks straight.  I know I’ve done it many times before.  But this time, I think it’s different.  I have goals, I have the tools, and I actually have the ambition.  I’ve bee working out for 6 straight weeks, and I’ve lost 2 pounds per week all but two weeks.  I don’t like missing the gym, which is what led to running in the first place.  I have to exercise.

What are my ultimate goals?  First, to throw away every pair of fat pants and never buy them again.  I want to move down to at least a 32-inch waist, which means addressing the Starbucks’ proportioned muffin top above the waist.  If  I stay on track, that’s attainable by Christmas or shortly after.  I hate shots, so I want to avoid diabetes, which runs in my family.  I like clothes.  I want to wear them and enjoy them and not hold my breath hoping to be able to button them without sucking in.  And I want to honor Sarah, who’s gained all of 5 pounds in 10 years of marriage and carrying one child.

So I’m on a journey.  Feel free to encourage me, and I look forward to the day when you say, “Huh.  You know, you’re kind of slow.”


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  1. Saying a prayer of endurance for you as I sit here glaring at my eliptical machine.

    • Thanks. I have found owning exercise equipment doesn’t work for me. My bowflex was a heck of a dress shirt holder during my Bible college days, and my punching bag taunted me as I sat in the couch and ignored it.

  2. You can do it!

    I lost 15-20 pounds in a couple of months once and felt really proud of myself, but within a year it was all back. My problem was that I ONLY did the counting calories thing – I didn’t really incorporate much exercise into the plan at all. So I had to get REALLY aggressive with the eating part. For over 2 months I went without all of my favorites (pizza, burgers, fried food, pop, sweets, etc…), and I started just about every day with a bowl of Cheerios and a glass of juice, and had salad for lunch every day too. May favorite “snack” in that time period were these bland bran crackers.

    Needless to say there very suddenly came a day when I couldn’t tolerate salad anymore, I didn’t want to see another bran cracker again, and I could no longer resist the urge to eat crappy food. The diet came to a screeching halt and I bounced back to my chubby self in a hurry.

    What I like about your plan is that it seems very balanced. It’s aggressive, but not so aggressive that you’ll crack like I did. It forces you to discipline yourself, but not to the point where you begin to hate the discipline. When you want to eat something unhealthy, you can step up the exercising. When you don’t feel like exercising, you can get more strict with the diet. It’s very smart.

    I think that’ll really help you be successful, and honestly, it motivates me to try it too!

    So maybe I’ll see you at the gym soon? When are you usually in there? Maybe at least once a week I can try to be there at the same time?

    And I think it’s time for me to cut out pop again too… just as soon as the pops in my fridge are gone. I’m 1/4 dutch. Wasting food is simply not in my blood. Even if it’s for my own good 🙂

    • Thanks. I’ve tried and failed at that type if dieting many times. I always say, “I just have to do this for three months,” and I struggle to make it to three weeks.

      I go Mondays after lunch, Tuesdays before work, Wednesdays at 5:00 PM. I generally take Thursday off from the gym and run, and then I go back Friday after work. It’s a strange schedule, but avoiding monotony is part of my long term plan.

      • About what time on Tuesdays do you go?

        I typically go Monday, Wednesday, Friday at about 7 or 8 a.m. But I’ve been thinking of adding Tuesday and Thursday too.

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