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an annual birthday tradition

Saturday was Jakob’s second birthday.  It was a great day, and even though I should have been doing school work, I mostly sloughed that off to spend the day with him.  Or, you might say he was the opportunity for further procrastination.  I honestly think it’s a combination, but I really do love him, so I give him more credit in this.  If you want a pictorial history of his day, you can watch a video HERE.

Saturday was also the first night game in the history of the Big House, where U of M plays its home games.  They were playing the hated Notre Dame.  The very first game I ever watched with Jakob was  a Michigan v. Notre Dame game.  He was born on a Thursday, and Sarah wasn’t discharged from the hospital till Sunday afternoon.  So of course we watched the Michigan game in the hospital room.  It was an exciting game, both because I held my precious newborn in his U of M outfit, and because it went right down to the very end.  Oh, and Michigan won, which put it over the top.  My first game with Jakob was a win.

Last year, I spent the day of the Michigan v. Notre Dame game with Jakob.  He was still small enough and inactive enough to be convinced to sit on my lap.  I couldn’t do that now, but he did last year.  Together, we (or I) watched Michigan beat them at the very end of the game.  Two years in a row, it was the most exciting Michigan game of the year, you know, because they actually won.

So now Jakob has been around for three Michigan v. Notre Dame games, and all three have gone down to the very end of the fourth quarter, with Michigan crushing their dreams and the ND fans’ hearts.  It has become an annual tradition to watch this happen, and it’ll always be right around his birthday.  I look forward to next year.


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