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Valuing your family

I recently read an article called, “10 Ways to be a Better Father.” Maybe it was oversimplifying things a bit, but the point is well made. To be a better dad or mom, be there.

Be there for your kids. If your child needs something, who should they go to first? They should go to you, so it’s important to establish with them that you will be there. I have heard parents say, “My world does not revolve around you,” to their kids, as it shouldn’t all the time. But when your child is in need, it should at least for a little while. I’ve seen my parents do this, and I’ve seen it in others, and I think it is a mark of a great parent. To love your child so much that your world stops when they need you is what I call good parenting.

You cannot really be there for your children if you are never home, though, so I think it’s also important to be there with your children. If my schedule impedes my ability to see Jakob enough, I’m altering my schedule. This week, due to extenuating circumstances, I did not get home from work until nearly 10:00 PM Tuesday or Wednesday. I barely got to be home with Jakob. Today, I’m typing this out the long way: on my phone, because I am home. If it is within my power to limit it, my son should not have to miss me all the time. Yes, I have a job. I even have a social life! There are times when I cannot be with him, and there are times when it’s okay to be apart from each other. But I will not make him go days without me. I choose to be there with him.

Be there for yours, too.


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