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We debated a lot about whether we wanted to take Jakob trick or treating this year. We wanted to make sure his first time going was because he would have fun, not because we wanted to get pictures of him. We decided that going with the Gallahars would be fun for him, so we went. We’re so glad we did. He had a great time. Below, I’ll post pictures and videos of his adventure.


Todd offered to take a family picture of us, so we both grabbed a hand. We were faking it. We didn’t walk like this through the neighborhood. We can’t, because as soon as he’s holding two hands, Jakob swings his feet off the ground.


He loved being independent. As soon as we hit someone’s driveway or lawn, he took off up to the house. By this time, you can see his confidence. He knew what he was doing. I love his swagger.


Superhero pose! He was supposed to clench his fists, but who cares? That’s just plain cute.


And here the triumphant superhero has returned with his bounty. He refused to look up from his Crunch bar to smile with Sarah.

And finally, the video. After a couple houses, this became his style. Mind you, he hadn’t eaten a single piece of candy to this point. This is his natural energy level.


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