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he took care of me

Sarah is a stay at home mom, so she definitely gets to see sides of Jakob that I miss out on when I’m at work.  I had heard tales of his being a really sweet caregiver type, but I’d never seen it.  What I tend to see is my playful son with boundless energy and the best smile I’ve ever seen.  I walk in the door, and it’s play time. He wants to run and jump and chase and harass our pets.  It’s really all quite fun to watch and experience.  But Sarah has told me about how sweet he is when she doesn’t feel well.  If she’s sick, he accommodates her.

I got to experience this last night.  I just wasn’t feeling well.  It came out of nowhere, and it had the potential to make the end of my evening terrible.  I laid down on the couch, because I wanted to try to stay up and spend time with Sarah and Jakob, even if I wasn’t the most pleasant company.  Jakob started out playing and jumping and smacking the couch, but I asked him to stop, because I didn’t feel well.  He then started bringing me toys.  I thought he was continuing to try to get me to play.  He brought me a drumstick, an Easter bunny noise maker, and one of his Toy Story action figures.  Each time he brought me a toy, I said thank you and tossed it back into his toy pile.  Finally, he brought me Jonny, his Pillow Pet.  This is his most special possession, and nobody gets to play with Jonny.  But he brought it to me and put it under my arm.

After a little while, I got up and went to bed.  I knew I wasn’t going to feel better enough to play until I got some sleep.  Jakob followed me to my room.  He crawled up in the bed and laid down by me.  I thought he was just wanting to watch TV in there.  But he didn’t.  He sat up, with his back up against my stomach, and he started rubbing his hand gently on my arm.  He gave me a hug and said, “Aww,” which he does when he knows he’s being sweet.  He last fifteen minutes, going between sitting by me and laying down by me.  He eventually left, but he left me his Pillow Pet, which he slid under my arm again before he left.

I misjudged what he was doing twice.  First, I thought he was persistently trying to get me to play, when he was just trying to bring me different things to make me feel better.  Second, I thought he wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the TV in our bedroom.  Both times, he was just trying to take care of me.  He’s such an awesome boy.


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