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I don’t put things together

“Oh, hey Denise.”

The above picture is a picture of me pretending to put together Jakob’s bed.  From the looks of things, had I been working on it, I would have put the hammer right through the part of the frame.  I don’t usually participate in the putting together of things with “some assembly required.”  It’s not that I can’t put together a toddler bed, an entertainment center, or whatever.  I can.  I just move very slowly and get frustrated fairly easily.

Sarah, on the other hand, loves putting things together, and she likes showing off that she can do so without instructions.  It started when she was in her wheelchair.  We got a new TV, so we got a new entertainment center to put it on.  She mentioned that she wished she could put the entertainment center together, so I told her to go ahead.  She wasn’t feeling the most handicapable at that time, so she wasn’t confident she could do it.  I helped down onto the floor, though, and I encouraged her.  She sat there, and I handed her piece by piece as she assembled it.  From then on, she became the one to put stuff together, unless it was too huge and needed my burly muscles.  I have no idea why she enjoys it, but she does, and I’m content to let her do it.

This is what things being put together at our home really looks like.


Comments on: "I don’t put things together" (2)

  1. chazzdaddy said:

    Well, everything was made in her mother-land…what do you expect:) ?

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