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Going the same places every year, listening to the same Manheim Steamroller tape the whole way, being around the same people can cause a lot of Christmases to blend together.  Many of mine do.  But there are some special memories that stand out through the years, and after giving it minutes of thought, I have compiled my top five Christmas memories.  I will go in reverse order.

5.  Receiving my first pairs of boxer shorts in 6th grade.  Yes, that was a biggie and worthy of top 5 placement.  I knew from gym class that I was about the only boy in 6th grade without them, and I did get picked on.  So I asked for some for Christmas, and I got a black with white polkadot pair and a white/black/purple/green striped pair.  See how they stand out in my mind?  I remember being excited to get to the locker room, so everyone could see how cool I was.  I also remember realizing before I got to gym class that this was the weirdest thing ever, and I probably shouldn’t be excited about people seeing my undies.

4.  Getting a teal scooter for my first grade Christmas.  Scooters were so cool back then.  They weren’t little razor thin scooters with sleek tires.  They had mountain bike thick tires.  I was so pumped to ride it, but it was winter in Detroit, so I had to ride it for several months around the basement.  I would pretend to do tricks, but really, I just pulled up on the handle bars, lifting only the front tire for a moment, and then went back down again.  But the sound effects made it seem more extreme.

3.  Seeing my entire family for Christmas in 2006.  It had been a while since I had seen everyone – we were living in Florida, Dan was living in Texas, and I think Steve was in Seattle then, but I’m not sure – so finally getting to see all of my siblings, nieces and nephews was great.  It was another 5 years before everyone was in town all at the same time again.  It’s hard with family spread out  in various states.

2.  Our first Christmas with Jakob.  Here’s his first time hearing the Christmas story.

1.  The day Sarah allegedly said, “yes.”  I asked her to marry me on Christmas day in 2000, and she says she said it, but I never heard it.  We’re still disputing over that, but since we are married, it’s a fairly inconsequential battle.


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