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It must be hard to believe that I got my coworker in trouble, but I did!  Actually, he got himself in trouble, but I was involved.  Two years ago, I was still fairly new at KCC, and I had never preached here.  I had obviously taught in youth and children’s, but I had never taught in big church.  Easter week was approaching, and Todd realized he was supposed to teach Palm Sunday, be heavily involved in the Easter program, and lead worship and teach at the Good Friday service.  That’s a lot for one guy in a week’s time.  So he asked if I would go ahead and teach for Good Friday.  I, loving to preach, naturally accepted.

Here’s the problem: Dave hadn’t approved it, and I made him nervous.  Sometimes, I think I still make him nervous every time I walk on stage.  I can be a loose cannon.  So Dave was a little unhappy with Todd’s decision to ask me without asking him.  He actually pulled Todd aside and gave him a talking to, if you will.  As far as I know, that’s the last time Dave pulled him aside and chastised him.  So Todd’s a pretty great employee when he’s not letting me teach.

Dave did allow me to teach, but with great oversight.  If I remember correctly, I had to pretty much tell him my entire message beforehand.  That didn’t bother me.  I was just excited to preach.  And it must have went well.  How do I know?  Well, here’s my list of reasons:

  • I didn’t get fired.
  • Todd didn’t get fired.
  • I got to teach again a few weeks later, and have a number of times since.
  • I get to teach again tomorrow night, and Dave hasn’t even asked to see my outline.

So hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow at the Good Friday service.  I’ll be unfiltered and uncensored.  Lucky for Dave, my idea of unfiltered and uncensored means something completely different than it did two years ago.

Happy Easters!


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