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finally a reason to run

If you were to call up my BFF right now and ask him my take on running, he would probably throw out one of two answers: Jeff hates running, or that the only good reason to run is to get away from someone trying to kill you.  That’s been my lifelong take on running.  I still hold to the first part, because I do hate running.  But I have finally found a reason to run other than someone trying to kill me.  I ran (and walked, and climbed, and crawled) for clean water in Uganda in June. Below is my Active Water profile, because I am now I’m going to run for clean water in Cambodia, which is one of their projects.  Please take the time to read it, and pray and consider donating to the cause.


I am raising money for Active Water’s Cambodia project by committing to run in the Traffic Stop 5K on August 25, 2012. To learn more about that run and its purpose, check out this link: I really do not like running – or more specifically, I do not like how hard it is for me to breathe when I run – but sometimes it’s good to hurt a little bit for others. So what about this cause makes me want to run? I think it’s good to work towards clean water for people everywhere, but this Cambodian project moves me. Cambodia borders Thailand. During the dry seasons, families send their children to retrieve water from a large river bordering Thailand, making them susceptible to human trafficking. The idea of young children being kidnapped and forced into sex slavery or other types of trafficking rips my heart. And it is amplified for me, because these children are Asian. My wife Sarah was an Asian little girl at one point in her life, and the thought of her being kidnapped and forced into that kind of life brings up emotions I cannot express. God used her parents, who adopted her, to protect her from dangers like that. I hope He can use my running to protect some young child who otherwise might suffer that fate. It’s important enough to me to get me to run two to three times a week over the next two months to train for this race, which I hate doing, and I’m not asking you to do anything I wouldn’t do. In fact, I am my first supporter on this page. I ask that you would pray about joining me in supporting this mission.


If you’d like to donate to toward the cause, go to the following link:



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