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I wish I could tell you

Last week was one of the most amazing weeks in ministry I have ever experienced.  It may have been the greatest week.  I wish I could write a post covering every good thing that happened, but I could not, because you may not read it.  It would be the longest post of my life.  Here’s what I will tell you: I prayed specifically for some kids who I knew needed it, and God reached them.  I prayed specifically each day we were gone as I saw issues arising, and God took care of them.  We saw two students come to Christ, another five decide to recommit themselves to God, and twenty-five out of twenty-five people – including the adults – acknowledge that they had experienced God in a real way and had drawn closer to Him.

Starting next week, I will give you a glimpse into what we were dealing with by posting the devotions I wrote each day for church group devotions.  Sometimes unknowingly to me, what was said addressed specifically what someone was struggling with.  God just works like that.  You can also join us on Sunday night, July 29, to hear from students and leaders about how God moved in their lives.  The recap service will take place from 6-8 in the church’s Theatre.


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