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Jakob has some praise music that he enjoys.  It’s a toddler/preschool aimed album by Yancy called, “Little Praise Party.”  He likes to sing along with it to the best of his ability, and of course, he jumps and dances around the entire time.  He even likes to sing his favorite song, “My Best Friend,” when he’s out and about.  In fact, a couple of weeks ago, he was singing it in the car, and he really, really scared Sarah.

He began singing, “Jesus is my best friend, my best friend, my best friend…,” and Sarah freaked out a little bit.  The singing was right behind her head, which meant to her that he had gotten out of his car seat and was standing there singing.  However, a couple weeks before, I bought the best Christmas present for an obnoxious boy that doesn’t live in the same home as you: a vuvuzela.  It was in the backseat of the car, as was Jakob.  He reached for it and got ahold of it, and he held it up to his mouth.  He began singing through it, projecting the sound to a spot right behind Sarah’s ear.  He wasn’t out of his seat.  He’s just hilarious.


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