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I’m an excitable guy.  There are two arenas in which I find the most excitement: my family and my church.  I find so much joy and fulfillment at home and at church, and I always seem to be excited about at least one thing from each.  Here five things in the near future that have me excited, in no particular order (without all the details):

1.  The mission trip to Philadelphia.  I know it’s not till the end of June, but the work that leads up to it has been going on for over a month now, and that makes it feel so close.  Plus, in terms of needing to get things done, it’s always closer than it seems.  This Sunday we’re putting up the Wall of Investment, which provides a way for you to financially support the trip.  I hope you will!

2.  I am working on some big events for children’s ministry this Summer, the first of their kind.  I cannot say what, because I would hate to disappoint if it doesn’t turn out exactly like I’m planning.

3.  RED will be in concert in Grand Rapids in April.  I’ll see them at Winter Jam, but I’d love to see them as a headlining band.  If you’re into hard rock and are interested in going, let me know.  We’re working on getting a group together to go.

4.  I’m excited about our church in general, and all the new (and old) stuff we have going on around here.  I love that there’s a new men’s study, a new college group, I love the youth group and children’s I’m involved with, my small group, the Comstock Campus Life group that meets on Mondays at our church, and on it could go.  If you aren’t plugged in somewhere, it’s not for lack of opportunity.  Don’t sit idly by and miss out on what we’re doing.

5.  We’re going to Disney World this fall.  We is representing Sarah, Jakob, and me, and it will be Jakob’s first visit to the Magic Kingdom.  It doesn’t mean the whole church.  You certainly can go, but probably not with us.  We drive down to Florida, and we have a small car.

There’s more, but that’s all for now.  Enjoy your weekend.  Hope to see you Sunday.


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