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our calm in the storm

As Sarah was laying on the bed upset, Jakob came to her and asked, “Are you okay, Mommy?  Are you sad?”  She answered honestly.  She wasn’t okay, and she was very sad.  He said, “Here, take a drink of my apple juice, and you will be okay.”  What a silly thought for a three-year old to have, right?  Not really.  He was sick a few months ago with a very sore throat, and he would cough himself awake.  He would cry, because the coughing hurt, and the crying hurt, so he would cry some more.  So every time he coughed himself awake and began to cry, we would say, “Here, take a sip of your apple juice.  You’re okay.”  He has since believed that drinking from a juice box is what brings comfort.

Did you know that he loves few things more than a juice box?  I think Sarah and me and our cat Simon might be the only things he loves more.  So for him to offer Sarah a drink of from his juice box while she was upset is a way of him saying, “I love you, Mommy, more than anything, and I want you to be happy more than I want this juice box.”  He is a sweet child.  He is compassionate.  Seeing others, especially us, upset really messes with him.  Even his teacher noted that he cannot concentrate when others are upset, because he is a caring child.

The truth is that Jakob is our greatest comfort when we are sad.  Yes, we have a relationship with God, and we have a relationship with each other, but Jakob brings a joy and calm and in our storms that cannot be easily explained.  He is an unimaginable gift from God everyday, and it is especially evident on days when we are hurting.  When we are upset, he is very attentive.  He will quit whatever he is doing to hug us, often without being asked.  He will offer us anything he has to try to make us feel better.  He will rub his hands on our heads, imitating how we rub his hair when we’re comforting him.  He evens assures us that it will be okay.  “You’re okay.  Right, Mommy?”

I do not know Jakob’s great purpose for the rest of his life, but I know how God uses him today.  He brings joy to us, to others that know him, and even to strangers that see him in public.  He is also a great entertainer.  I was at first envious of the joy he could bring Sarah when I was unable to at times.  But I get it now.  He brings calm to our hearts when storms of life rage around us.  I thank God for him every day.  I love him.




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