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Jakob has musical tastes that are very reflective of his parents’ musical tastes.  He loves hard rock like Red and Disciple, and he finds Jonny Lang soothing.  He loves the music from Star Wars, and the intro to The Office used to make him stop crying.  He likes what he’s been around, which is pretty natural.  He also seems to dislike what we dislike, even though it’d never been discussed.

We had the awesome opportunity to work a week at Maranatha Bible Conference last week, running the youth program.  This means we also got to stay on their awesome grounds, enjoy outdoor activities together, and eat their wonderful food.  One thing you’ll hear all over Maranatha is piano music.  There are a few pianos in different buildings, and anyone is welcome to play them, and play them they did.  It’s primarily old hymns, and much of what I heard was played rather slowly (or perhaps I should say at original speed), although we did hear some Star Wars theme music mixed in there.  I didn’t love hearing it all the time, as it gave me flashbacks to a darker time in life, but I didn’t talk about that with anyone, because I wouldn’t want to offend one of the people playing or anyone that enjoys it.  It’s fine.  I just don’t want to listen to it.

It turns out Jakob doesn’t want to listen to it either.  See, I’m a nice dad, and I’ll allow myself to be subjected to things I don’t particularly care for if it’ll make Jakob happy (I see you, Mickey Mouse).  So one day, as Jakob and I were heading towards his class, I asked him if he wanted to go in and listen to someone playing on the piano.  He said he didn’t, and I thought it was because he wanted to get right to class.  I told him we had to waste some time first and asked him again, to which he emphatically replied: “No, I don’t like the piano music.  It’s making me annoyed!”

He’s like us.  And just like us, he still had a great time, piano music not withstanding.


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