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how’s your mind?

“Just hold still!  This will be much easier if you just cooperate!”  I feel like my mom, doctors, dentists, and nurses have had to say that to me for the last 30+ years when trying to get a needle anywhere near me.  I’m not one for needles, I suppose.  They thought it was a good idea to stick a needle in me and leave medicine behind or come out with blood, and I thought it would be better to die a slow, painful death.  We saw the situation differently.

How you view a situation will change your attitude and behavior in the situation.  Where your mind is at is very important, and just as I said Sunday that our actions will reveal our level of love, our actions will also reveal where our mind is.  A harmonious person works towards harmony.  An acrimonious person will work towards hostility, whether consciously or subconsciously.  That’s why the Bible says so much about the human mind and our thoughts.  Getting our minds right is crucial to getting our lifestyle right.  How is your mind?  I know I need to check mine.

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