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don’t just know

Do you, like me, know a lot of things that you cannot explain?  I may remember the how-to but have forgotten the how-come on a lot of things.  I know that if I rig up a peppermint mento to fall into my dad’s Diet Coke the next time he opens one, it will be funny.  But I cannot explain to you why that happens.  I just know it works and enjoy the thought of it working all over the ones I love.

There are times in our faith that we just know something works or that something is true.  We cannot really explain why, but we just know.  I mentioned Sunday that when I read the note Dave sent over about Sunday’s message, I just knew it was true, but it took me a long time to figure out why.  I think that process is important.  I think it’s important to study to a point of being able to correctly explain what we know is true.   Sometimes it’s okay to just know, but when it comes to our faith, it’s important to know, to know why, and to know how to explain it.  If someone asks you why you’re a Christian, what are you going to say?  Do you know why you believe what you believe, or do you just know it to be true?

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