stories, lessons, and a lot of nonsense

I have read Proverbs a lot.  It’s probably my most-read book of the Bible.  It’s either that or Genesis, which I usually read in January every year before scaling back to more modest Bible reading goals.  What I like about Proverbs is that it feels pretty disjointed.  If I were reading a story that was that scattered, I would be frustrated, but I like the constant flow of small pieces wisdom.  It gives me an opportunity to feel like I’m reading a new passage every time I read it.

I encourage you to keep reading your Bible (because the Bible says you should, of course).  Even though you’ve heard and read it all before, keep reading.  There’s always something new.  The Holy Spirit is in you as a believer, and He will always reveal something to you for you from the Bible.  Sometimes He reveals one big thing.  Other times, He reveals several things.

Even though I’ve read Proverbs countless times in my life, I still have a lot of things to think and journal about.  This is what my quiet time has looked like recently.  I make lists of things God is saying and a corresponding list of what it should mean to me.



So what are you reading?


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