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Demonstrating my faith

Jakob and I spend most mornings together.  I’m mostly a morning person, and he’s required to get up for school, so we end up together a lot.  I get him breakfast, and then we usually sit on my recliner together and watch a show.  There’s a constant debate over whether we should watch ESPN or Disney Channel.  He usually wins, so we usually watch Disney while he eats his breakfast and sits on my lap.  It’s a great routine for us now, though I’m sure he’ll outgrow my lap soon.

This past spring (and coming again shortly), I don’t eat breakfast with him one day every two weeks.  I don’t get him up.  I don’t see him much in the morning before school.  It’s sad, because we enjoy spending our mornings together.  But on that one day every two weeks, I come hurrying home, only see him for a few minutes as I take him to school, and then leave again for work.  It bums us both out a little, but he knows what I’m doing when I’m away, and even at his age, he understands the necessity of it.  See, my normal schedule then –  and starting again in two weeks – includes getting together with guys from church every other Thursday morning to do Bible study.  I have to give up some of my father-son time to accomplish it, and I think I like it that way.

Jakob knows I am a Christian.  He knows that I say reading the Bible is important, but it’s good for him to see me demonstrating that it is important.  Taking him to church is good, but if I never live during the week what I say is important on Sunday, he’ll pick up that it really isn’t that important to me.  If it’s not really important to my everyday life, how important is it?  So I’m glad to demonstrate this for him, to show that God is important more than just on Sunday, even though I do miss him while I’m not seeing him.  And I love that when I walk him to school when I get back, he always asks me what we talked about, giving me another opportunity to discuss God with him.


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