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He wants to use us

My sons like to be outside with me whenever I’m working outside.  They like to “help me” rake leaves, paint, and grill. I like being with them, so I let them participate as much as I can.  Jax is a little young to be allowed near the grill, so I don’t actually let him help with that, but I do let Jakob flip stuff. Sometimes, I don’t have a lot of margin with time, so I don’t always let them help me.  Their helping me slows me down at this point, because they are young, and I have to stop and instruct, keep them on task, or watch out for them instead of just working quickly. But generally speaking, I want them to help me, not because I need their help, but because I love them.

God wants us to help Him, too.  He loves us and has invited us to participate in His plan.  He doesn’t need our help. He could certainly do anything that needed to be accomplished without us. But He wants to use us.  I’m reading Esther right now in my devotions, and something Mordecai said really struck this chord with me. King Xerxes had an official named Haman, and Haman hated Mordecai.  He didn’t want to just punish him, though. He wanted to really hurt his people, so he convinced the king to make a decree that all Jewish people should be killed in a single day throughout the kingdom. Esther, Mordecai’s cousin and adopted daughter, was Jewish, but she was also the Queen. Mordecai was urging her to speak up to the king, but she has some hesitance.  In chapter 4, verse 14, Mordecai says this:

If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?”

He was right, too.  God had promised to preserve the Jewish people, so whether Esther stepped up or not was irrelevant to the big picture. But God had put her in a unique position to be used by Him for His great purpose.  She had been called to a specific task. Even though He could accomplish saving the Jews without her, God wanted to use her, not just anyone.

God also wants to use all of us to declare the Gospel, the truth that Jesus is God. In Luke 19, as Jesus was riding into Jerusalem, His disciples were praising Him.  The Pharisees asked Him to quiet His disciples and urge them not to speak that way about Him. Jesus replied in verse 40:

“If they kept quiet, the stones along the road would burst into cheers!”

God calls us specifically to do something for His kingdom, and He also calls us all to some general tasks.  Whether it’s the general or the specific, it’s an honor to do what God wants me to do, because I know that He doesn’t need to ask me.  He can go get someone else to do whatever I choose not to do.  He can even make the rocks cry out and speak His name.  But He didn’t call the rocks, and He didn’t call someone else.  He called you, and He called me.  He wants to use us, not because He needs us specifically, but because He loves us.


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