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are you passionate?

I’ve been helping with the Comstock Football team this season. I’m not a football coach. I’m not qualified to be one. I’m the chaplain. That I can do. My primary role is to support the team and encourage the players. On Tuesdays, we have an optional meeting for any player or coach that wants to attend. At those meetings, I will discuss a topic that is pertinent to the team and a focus of the week, but I approach it from a Biblical perspective. This week, we talked about passion. As I was preparing for it, it occurred to me that while most of us (me included at times) would like to say we are passionate about God, it may not be an accurate description based on definition.

A passion is a strong emotion or drawing to something that is nearly uncontrollable. When you are passionate about something, you will go to great lengths and through extreme difficulty to accomplish it. Jesus’ last week leading up to and through His dying on the cross is called the Passion of the Christ. Why? Because His desire for your being saved was strong and nearly uncontrollable, so He was wiling to go to great lengths and through extreme difficulty to accomplish it. Jesus epitomizes passion. Do I? Do you?

I’m passionate about a lot of things. I’m passionate about my wife and marriage. I’m passionate about my children. I’m passionate about youth ministry. I’m passionate about food. I go to great lengths to ensure I’m achieving whatever I view as excelling in each of those areas. You can probably name some things you are passionate about, as well. Whatever it is, it’s probably okay that you’re passionate about it (barring sin, of course). It’s not like you only have the capacity to be passionate about one thing. You can be passionate about many things and still be passionate, even most passionate about God.

Are you, though? How passionate are you about God? To what lengths would you go to spend time with Him, to worship Him, to read His Word? Is God something that you fit into your schedule, or is time with God the cornerstone of your schedule? Do you pass Him by, because you were just too busy, or do you turn down opportunities when you know they’ll keep you from Him? God shouldn’t be getting what’s left of our day. He shouldn’t just be getting those last few exhausted minutes before we crash and sleep. He should get our best time and best focus, whether that’s the morning, afternoon, or evening for you. You should be excited to read the Bible. You should be excited to go to church and worship Him with your friends and family. It shouldn’t be the option you choose only when other better opportunities are not available.

How passionate are you about God? Is there something in your life you need to set aside, because it’s stealing your passion and focus?


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