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He’s there

I have wondered where God has gone at different times in the past. I felt like there was distance, because things were not going well, or at least not from my perspective. I’ve lost jobs, I’ve lost friends, we’ve been through a lot of difficulty. It’s easy to feel despair and wonder where God went. Intellectually, as Christians, we know that God is there. He’s everywhere, so wherever there is, He’s there. But we don’t always feel like He’s there, because we can’t physically see Him.

The Bible never indicates any sort of despair for Joseph, who went through some pretty despairing things. Maybe he felt lost and alone; maybe he didn’t. But we know that he wasn’t alone. After he was sold into slavery by his brothers, Genesis 39:2 says, “The Lord was with Joseph.” When he was thrown into prison for something he didn’t do, Genesis 39:21 says, “But the Lord was with Joseph.” Every time something bad happened, and it would have seemed that God had checked out on Joseph, the Bible reminds us that He hadn’t. God was there. God was with him.

We have a strange tendency to interpret any sort of mayhem in our lives as judgment or distance from God, but that’s not always the case. God is always there, wherever we go and whatever we go through. I don’t know where you are or what you’re going through. It may make you feel all alone, but you are not. God’s right there, wherever you are.


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