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I joined the staff at Kalamazoo Community Church to serve in the role of Pastor to Children and Students in October of 2009. I have since been moved to the Associate Pastor role, while continuing to directly run youth ministry and overseeing the running of children’s ministry. Sarah and I knew immediately upon visiting the church that this was exactly the type of place we would like to serve God together. We were taken by the warm welcome they received as visitors, the laid back atmosphere, and the dynamic way the church worshipped Jesus together, both in the singing and the teaching of the Bible.

Background: I was born February 9, 1982, in the Detroit area, but was primarily raised in Grand Rapids, MI. I am the youngest of my parents’ four children. At the age of 10, I acknowledged Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life, and have been trying to follow Him ever since. I felt the call to serve Him in full time ministry when I was 15, and have had the opportunity to do so in Jacksonville, FL, Loudonville, OH, and now here, in Kalamazoo. I’m am still excited about what God is doing and will do here through us.

Family: I was blessed to marry my best friend, Sarah, on August 17, 2001. After all these years, she is still my best friend. Together we have two sons: Jakob (September, 2009) and Jaxon (June, 2014). They are so much more wonderful than we ever imagined. We are truly blessed.

Fun fact: I look so different from when I was hired, my youngest son refuses to believe that it’s me in our first directory picture.

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