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America’s politicians never had a chance

During my Bible reading this morning in Isaiah 33, I was reminded of Capitol Hill. It sounds like most of our politicians might be in trouble some day. I hope verse 15 describes me. I wish it described the people we’ve elected to represent us. And for my friends on the other side of the political spectrum, worry not: I’m talking about both sides. Anyway, it doesn’t sound like there’s much of a chance of them living in any rocky fortresses in the future.

15 The one who lives righteously
and speaks rightly,
who refuses gain from extortion,
whose hand never takes a bribe,
who stops his ears from listening to murderous plots
and shuts his eyes to avoid endorsing evil —
16 he will dwell on the heights;
his refuge will be the rocky fortresses,
his food provided, his water assured.

stimulus guns

It is no secret that the far, far left hate guns. They would be most happy if the government would take away our 2nd amendment right to bear arms, or at least regulate our arms bearing so much that we could not possibly afford it. It is also no secret, at least to those that know me, that I love my guns. My wife and I enjoy going to the range and firing off hundreds of rounds. In a perfect world, I would no own a gun, however we do not live in a perfect world. With the government being more and more lenient on violent offenders, limiting or removing capital punishment in most states, and the ridiculous antics and petty loopholes shifty defense lawyers use to keep these violent offenders on the streets, I will keep my guns, and I will keep them loaded. Here’s the thing: if you come into my house unannounced and unwelcome, you probably won’t leave standing up or breathing. Would I actually shoot someone? Without hesitation, I certainly would. I know that sounds violent for a pastor to feel that way, but think of it this way: it’s either my wife or the intruder. Who do you think I’d pick?

Now, we all know a big stimulus package is supposedly coming. I sure hope it does. If they’re asking for $750 billion to “create new jobs,” they can throw the rest of us a bone. Now, what should we do with the money they will so graciously be giving us? They say that putting it into savings is bad, cause you can’t stimulate the economy that way. I love that. Don’t be wise and save. So what to spend it on? My brother, Dan, has an excellent idea. Why not take the money the left is giving you and buy a gun or two? Load up on ammo. Stimulate the economy and help the businesses they would seek to cripple over time all at once. Rally around your right to bear arms. These are perilous times anyway, so if you don’t already own a gun, you should probably think about it. With police departments laying off officers all around the country, added to the generally slow response time of these emergency departments, you’d better be able to take care of yourself.

This seems fishy

So this is an update from a previous post. I still don’t like Nancy Pelosi, but the source I quoted misquoted her. My long time friend, Sean (happens to be a lefty) helped me with this. Thanks, Sean.

I rarely wax political, because I have people on both sides of the political lines that read my blog. I’m also not as interested in politics as I once was. I rarely get excited or worked up by either side these days. So I will only wax factual here. But I rather annoyed by quotes from our SOH regarding “family planning.” That, of course, is usually code for planning not to have a family after you’ve gotten yourself pregnant. Here is a bit from her conversation with ABC:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Hundreds of millions of dollars to expand family planning services. How is that stimulus?

PELOSI: Well, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children’s health, education and some of those elements are to help the states meet their financial needs. One of those – one of the initiatives you mentioned, the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So no apologies for that?

PELOSI: No apologies. No. we have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy. Food stamps, unemployment insurance, some of the initiatives you just mentioned. what the economists have told us from right to left. There is more bang for the buck, a term they use, by investing in food stamps and in unemployment insurance than in any tax cut.”

You can read the full transcript HERE. I’m still sickened by the less children = less cost to the taxpayer bit, especially when the solution to less children is Planned Parenthood. I don’t want them getting any of my money, but it looks like they will be getting more. I am 100% against their ideology, both now and historically. You probably didn’t know that Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist for racist purposes. That’s just a free piece of information.

Are we doomed?

There are a lot of Christian Americans talking about some impending doom for our country. I guess I’ll buy that, but I’m not so sure it’s directly related to Barack Obama’s election. Do I think our country is in trouble? Yeah, but we’ve been in trouble for a while.

God stopped being this country’s leader a long time ago. I think that’s when we got into trouble. Money is the god of this country. But what about abortion? Oh, yes, that is an egregious sin that is sure to be judged, but it is a symptom of the larger problem. Babies are essentially sacrificed to the god of money. And it should be noted that a lot of Christians that are in an uproar are screaming louder about the socialist views of Obama than his lack of respect for the sanctity of life. Everyone whose complaints I’ve read is VERY concerned about their money being spread around. I have no money, so I’m not as worried about it, but I do disagree with the socialism. The point is, though, that even a lot of Christians are upset for the wrong reasons.

Here’s a great quote from my friend, Matt: “the reaction by many is sad…they say that their hope is in the risen King yet they show that their hope is in a fallen king.” Yes, it is sad. God really is in control. It’s not just a cool saying we throw around to hide our frustration. Like him or not, Barack Obama will be YOUR president and MY president, so please stop saying, “He’s not MY president…” unless you’re not American, in which case, proceed. Our job is to pray, not moan about it. And no, the way the other side has treated President Bush is not a justification for you doing the same to Obama. Be in it, not of it. God bless America.

I’m Jeff Selph, and I approve this message.

election day thoughts

I have not had much time to think about election day today. Frankly, I’m not sure I would spend much thought on it, anyway. I did my homework a long time ago, and I came to the conclusion that I really don’t like either candidate. Sorry for those that do. I have had just a few moments open for thought on the days events, though, and here’s what I’ve been thinking.

Why doesn’t the President leaving office ever do really sweet pranks on January 19? If he does, how come we never get to hear about it? What’s the worse that can happen to him if he does it? The Secret Service could even be in on it, sort of like a gentle hazing. This is a short list of pranks I think President Bush should pull on his successor the day before he leaves:

  • Butter every tile floor in the White House.
  • Stash some open cans of sardines in an air duct somewhere.
  • Put vaseline on the receiver of every phone.
  • Put a mannequin with all black on, including a black ski mask, in the closet of the master bedroom.

Why should a President stoop to such a low? Cause he’s just a person, and people like to have fun. Do you have any suggestions for great Presidential pranks?

good people

My parents always monitored who I was hanging around when I was growing up. They knew what I did not know. The reason you are known by the company you keep is because you generally fall into doing things with the people you hang around that you may not do otherwise. It could be good things that your good friends draw you into, but more often than not, it’s the stupid stuff you wouldn’t do on your own that friends convince you will be fun. I know I never would have sneaked outside to shoot toys with a BB gun without the encouragement of my friends, but then I never would have taken that sweet ride in the back of a cop car back to my friend’s house. So now I get it. Friends can make you do stupid things.

I’ll make enough mistakes on my own. I don’t need encouragement from anyone else to screw up, and I really don’t need to take the blame for someone else’s mistakes. If I keep company with other great, Godly people, I will be better for it. I think Jesus modeled this for us. Obviously, He didn’t surround Himself with good people to keep Himself from messing up, but He wasn’t noted for doing things to benefit Himself anyway. He was always doing things for us and modeling things that we could follow, cause He loves us. That’s why He’s in my inner circle. Actually, so is Josh. He was one of the ones that encouraged me to go outside with the BB gun. “It’ll be okay,” he said. Whatever. At least I didn’t shoot my eye out.

Do you keep an inner circle? Are you better at picking one than Ulysses S. Grant or perhaps Kwame Kilpatrick?

something political

I am part of the vast right wing conspiracy. This comic was just my sort of thing. God bless America.


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